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Following the Revolution in my Heart!


I strive to brighten your space with my paintings of nature and animals.  My art is serene, natural, colorful, and vibrant, and will instill a sense of joy, imagination, and placidity in your daily life.

My oil painting workshops, will teach you an “Alla Prima” technique, and assist you with how you can satisfy your creative curiosity by creating paintings fearlessly, and with confidence!

I paint with a revolution in my heart, and an attitude of gratitude. I welcome you to join me!

Sharing my Journey...

I still remember sitting at the picnic table in my backyard with friends, glueing macaroni to paper, scribbling away with crayons, building sculptures out of popsicle sticks, and creating paint-by-number masterpieces. My fondest childhood memories of creating art might be similar to yours: drawing animals with my mother, brother, and friends and making arts and crafts at summer camps. I can still picture weaving bright rainbow color pot holders on a small metal loom, the feeling of the soft cloth between my fingers and the sun on my face as vivid as if it were yesterday. I enjoyed conceiving imaginative crayon and color pencil drawings, including whimsical looking animals as my favorite subjects.

I was introduced to oil painting at age 12. I still remember entering a colorful painted classroom, set up with blank white canvases on easels, and smelling the sweet smell of linseed oil. Can’t you just imagine it? I took so much pleasure in mixing and creating endless beautiful colors utilizing just three primary colors, and learning the importance of a strong composition. I continued on with my classes through high school.

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Painting taught me how to be independent, and embrace a sense of curiosity and creative accomplishment.

This experience and these values later reopened my eyes to the possibilities of painting as my reinvention and destiny. My love of art and painting continued through my college years. I continued taking classes in drawing, painting, print making and graphic design. This brought me to my first career in the graphic design and printing business, as well as enjoying fulfilling work in this field for many years to follow.


Life is full of twists & turns.


My desire to paint never dwindled, although throughout my early, and subsequent adult life, obligations and responsibilities took me away from my creative painting journey. My diversified careers, throughout my adult life, lead me to other exciting adventures. If you’ve spent time traveling, you know that experiencing a new place is a life-altering experience. I’ve had the opportunity to explore the world, and get up close and personal with many exotic animals. To paint a visual picture for you, these animals include whistling blue footed boobie birds, marine iguanas that expel salt through their noses, sally lightfoot crabs that looked like they were freshly dipped in cadmium orange paint, and many other exotic animals, birds and marine life, throughout the Galapagos Islands.

In Africa, my adventures included closeup photography of the exact animals I’m sure you’re picturing: rhinos, hippos, lions, elephants, giraffes and zebras! I witnessed painted dogs in their natural habitat of tall, golden grass underneath the rising and setting sunlight: a pink and orange haze caused by the reflection of the Saharan dust. A few of my other favorite travel memories include the breathtaking scenery of quaint coastal and hillside towns throughout Europe. Equally compelling was the introduction to village cats, such as Marco Antonio and Cleopatra. I visited with Springer Spaniel dogs while they hunted for truffles and nuzzled up with Great White Pyrenees dogs herding flocks of sheep on the majestic hillsides of Umbria, Italy.


I know what you must be thinking: “how does this relate to painting?” Well, my compassion for animals and passion to paint have brought me to where I am today! I've traveled around the world and home again many times, and these are the memories and experiences that reopened my eyes and rekindled a fire in my heart.  Spending precious moments with people and animals, and learning more about distant countries and cultures, has  helped me to become a more empathetic person as well as a more passionate painter and artist.

If you haven’t read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic,” I would highly encourage you to do so. A few years ago, I stumbled upon it and it reawakened my creative curiosity.  Her words resonated strongly with me. I felt she was speaking to me privately as a close friend and mentor. “Big Magic” helped me realize how to tackle what I had been longing for: To create art again fearlessly, and discard any hesitation to pursue my dreams and fulfill my destiny.  Rather than following a leisure path of retirement, I choose to celebrate every day by living a creative life, finding the balance between soulful spirituality and cheerful pragmatism, and I want to share this with you! I've rediscovered the importance of uncovering the “jewels” that we share as children and are hidden within us, in the process of becoming an adult. I'm now embarking on my dream that was long deferred, and I am pursuing it fearlessly by painting every day! I've been able to reinvent myself as a professional artist and invite you to join me in reawakening your passions and pursuits through a fearless artistic mindset.

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I want to share a little about my painting style with you! I primarily use oils for the rich colors and buttery texture or acrylics if a quick drying medium is a preference. My painting style promotes luscious vivid color with dynamic, loose brushstrokes. I sometimes apply paint to my paintings with a palette knife, creating a dynamic impasto texture for added dimension. The subjects that excite me most are animals, nature and landscapes.

My journey has rekindled my creative curiosity and my passion for painting, and has helped me to cultivate my personal painting style and techniques. This artistic path has brought an unspeakable amount of joy and excitement to my life. I’m dedicated to use my craft to bring happiness and fulfillment to your life, utilizing a broad variety of tools, a vibrant color palette and a courageous spirit.


I have compassion for animals and celebrate their spirit through my paintings.

I enjoy representing  animals with my lighthearted painting style. I create a connection with each animal's spirit through the painting of their eyes and individual, unique expression. My paintings of animals include subjects from my travels to foreign terrains and exotic natural habitats, as well as an array of local animals. I especially enjoy painting pet portraits with a lighthearted, expressive painting style, utilizing gestural bold brushwork and bright vivid colors.

It brings me great joy to share my original paintings with you and hope my painting style provides you with the same emotional sense of joy and curiosity I experience while I am painting. A collection of my paintings, all crafted in awe of day-to-day beauty, are also available as prints, stationary items, calendars, home & personal accessories.  There is "art" for everyone to enjoy!

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You can come share my adventurous spirit and creative curiosity with me in the classroom! I'd be ecstatic to have you. Please come join my workshop PAWS- "Painting Animals with Spirit" in Jupiter, Florida, in February 2019! Be sure to check my event page for more details and subscribe to my Artsy Tips for previews and special offers. I hope you have the opportunity to attend! It doesn't matter if you're a first time painter or have been creating art for years. I’ll be sharing my techniques and fearless mindset with all skill levels! I'll inspire you to cast aside self-judgment and doubt, and embrace a fearless style of painting and subsequently of living. Through my workshops, you will learn to embrace vibrant colors and loose brushstrokes and paint freely, boldly, and confidently while learning the building blocks of creating exciting and dynamic paintings of animals.

I also offer exciting online workshops, including specific techniques in painting animal portraits, and painting international adventures along with me, without having to pack a suitcase!

NOW OPEN: I'll be sharing my painting techniques and fearless mindset through online, at-your-own-pace workshops!  Join me through an online workshop adventure following my upcoming travels!  We will paint the sights, terrain, and native farm and wild animals originating from places like "Down Under!"  Soon you will be able to be a global adventurer without having to check a bag or leaving your home! As an online workshop participant, you can enjoy the majestic scenery and learn to paint nature and animals with a mindset of curious exploration. Let's dive into adventure, using nothing but a brush, paint, canvas, and imaginative perspective!


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I'm sure you can tell at this point that I absolutely adore animals. When I am not attending classes, workshops, or traveling, I am painting in my studio with my furry mascot mates as my audience. They include my three sassy rescue cats and two charming and incredibly smart Collies. Aren't they adorable? I find it stunning how they all share a sense of calm while they accompany me in my studio. Paintings and photographs of my pet companions decorate my studio and comfort my inner spirit. I am an active member of HeARTs Speak, an international nonprofit organization that is uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals. I donate a portion of the proceeds from my animal paintings to organizations supporting animal rescue and the protection of wild animals. Joining my community is a satisfying and fulfilling way to support a great cause. When you purchase one of my vibrant animal portraits and add an imaginative flair to your living space, you're not just improving your life: you're supporting a better life for a pet in need. When you attend one of my exciting workshops, you're not just bettering your creative abilities: you're bettering loving animals who need a second chance at a loving home. Let's make a difference and support a worthy cause together, one brushstroke at a time!


Creating art is a magical mindset. I look forward to sharing my continued travels and artistic journey with you through my vibrant paintings and inspired mindset! Let's embark on an adventure of creative curiosity together.




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"Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest will take care of itself." - Elizabeth Gilbert

If you'd like more information about my credentials, I've detailed them for you below!

I am an active member of Artists’ of Florida-LLC, North County Art Association, Tequesta, FL, Benefactor and Artists’ Guild Member of the Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL, The Arts Council of Martin County FL,  The Lake Worth Art League, Inc., Wellington Art Society, Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park and The Martin County Chapter of the Audubon Society. I support The Nature Conservancy,  The Collie Rescue Foundation, Grey Muzzle Organization for senior dogs & Feline Caring Fields Organization.


Recent recognition of my work includes an Honorable Mention for "Picasso- Le Chat" 39th Annual Members' Show,  Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL.

My first solo show was celebrated at the Sewall's Point Town Hall in Sewall's Point, FL in 2016