Perks of Daily Painting!

I am a huge advocate of building time in to each and every day to paint. I believe in this consistent practice for both beginner and expert painters alike! The beautiful thing about art and painting is that there is always room for growth and exploration, and the best way to do this and build upon existing talent and technique is to work on it every day. 

The thought of establishing a “daily practice” of anything can feel intimidating. “I don’t have time to do that every day,” many people will say. Though some people may find hours of painting every day to feel right for them, if you only have 20-30 minutes of free time to offer during the day, that is absolutely wonderful for your practice. Consistency is key! Marathon runners still do short speed drills to improve their skills on a bite-sized basis. Short, sweet, and consistent practice will go a long way.

There are countless benefits of establishing a daily practice. Here are just a few of the many, many benefits!

  1. Your work will ultimately show consistent improvement. The quality of your paintings and your technique will increase as you work on capturing an image on a daily basis. Your eye, your proportions, and your brushstrokes will all reflect consistent practice. It’s nearly impossible to work towards something on a daily basis and not show improvement, and painting is no different! 

  2. You will build confidence. Though every painting may not be your idea of “perfect,” a consistent practice will allow you to be bolder and more confident with your work. You will be able to look back with pride on the work you do, build on skills, see progress, and ultimately, feel better about your abilities. 

  3. You will establish your own unique style. As your confidence grows, you’ll be able to embrace the things that make your paintings unique. For example, I have, in my practice, found that my loose brushstrokes and vibrant colors are my signature. You’ll quickly be able to identify your own. 

  4. You’ll begin to paint more intuitively versus calculating. Beginning painters typically rely heavily on painting “by the book” with very very precise brushwork. As confidence builds and a practice is established, it’s easier to let go of some of those fears and rules, and paint off of what feels and seems right versus what is controlled and ultimately limiting. 

  5. You’ll be able to paint more quickly. You’ll be surprised by how much faster you’re able to complete work after working on painting on a daily basis. 

The paintings don’t have to be large; in fact, doing a small 6” x 6” or 6” x 8” painting every day is a wonderful challenge! I encourage you to give it a try this month, and try to build a bit of time for yourself and your artistry in to your daily routine. It takes 22 days to build a habit; perhaps this fall, you make that habit creativity and painting! And I am always here to offer encouragement along the way.

Happy painting!

Caryl Pomales