The Joys of Online Workshops

As an ever-learning artist, I am a huge advocate of consistently enrolling in workshops and courses to continually cultivate skills, techniques, and creativity. `There are few things better than constantly expanding your artistic toolbox and collaborating with others who share in your passion! I have participated in and taught my share of painting courses, and find that there is something incredibly valuable to be gained from every single experience. 

As the internet and technology is ever progressing, online workshops have taken off in a variety of fields - art being one of them! I personally love these virtual painting classes for a variety of reasons. I find so much value in them that I, after a Beta/Pilot test this past month, have just launched a new 4-week workshop, called Expressive Animal Paintings, Bold & Bright. Read on for a few of my favorite things about online workshops! 

You get an up-close view that you can pause and repeat as much as you need. 

Online video demonstrations often include close-up perspectives. When I record my lessons, I make a point to zoom in at points on my canvas, allowing my participants to see the fine details of each brushstroke. I seldom get the question “how did you get this part of the painting to look like that?” because the step-by-step view is right there for you to see! In addition, you can pause and rewind the video as often as needed!

Paint on your time.

I love the flexibility provided by online workshops. Life can get extremely busy, but I find painting time to be so valuable. It can be challenging to prioritize a few hours to take a class when it’s on a standing, inflexible schedule; however, that challenge suddenly becomes quite easy when you are in control of your own class time. Having the option to sit down for a lesson any day of the week, any hour of the day makes painting courses easily accessible. 

One-on-one feedback.

Flexibility in online workshop scheduling typically leaves the instructor available to answer specific individual questions and offer guidance whenever you need. When I teach an online workshop series, I try to always make myself available via email and Facebook messenger to answer questions about color palettes, brush strokes, brush sizes, and anything else that may come up. This helps to build a strong, comfortable relationship between the instructor and students, and has led to some incredible final products! 

Increased comfort and fearlessness.

Painting in the comfort of your own home at your own time with online lessons can be a huge, major step in improving self-assuredness and courage as an artist. It’s a safe space to experiment and let your painting flourish!

These are just a few of the wonderful things that I enjoy about online workshops. I hope you’ll take a look at my new series, Expressive Animal Paintings, Bold & Bright! It will be my last online workshop offer for 2018 before my next release in the new year, so if you’re interested in painting alongside me, make sure to sign up quickly!

Happy painting!

Caryl Pomales