Cultivating Friendships Through Creativity

Artistic talent is something that is deeply personal. Because it is not a quantifiably measurable skill, sharing creativity requires an immense amount of courage and trust. It is impossible to cultivate good art in a space that feels unsupportive. Judgment and negativity squash creative impulses! In contrast, positivity, kindness, and encouragement foster good work, good art, and oftentimes, the best friendships. 

I love the relationships I’ve fostered with fellow artists, both in-person taking workshops and online via social media. We are able to support one another’s work, cheer each other on, celebrate progress, and offer advice when questions or creative roadblocks arise. When I post a new finished product, there are numerous fellow painters I can always count on to offer their congratulations and support. It is incredibly heartwarming and motivating to know that individuals who share my passion follow and cheer me on me in my endeavors. Similarly, I make a particular effort to offer my praise and support for my artist friends. There is a remarkable community of kind and uplifting painters out there.

Artists are waiting with open arms to welcome others into their creative community. I have, in my experience, found that painters understand that with each brushstroke, you are leaving a piece of your heart and soul on the canvas. Because of that, we all want nothing more than to form friendships and lasting networks of support amongst those who share the same passion and dream. Finding this network can be as simple as signing up for a workshop. I love eagerly entering a classroom, the smell of fresh paint in the air, and sitting at an easel next to a fellow excited and motivated student. That connection can be instantaneous, or it can be built over the duration of a course as one brushstroke at a time, you begin to trust one another and cheer one another on more and more. It is incredibly heartwarming to conclude a workshop knowing that, in addition to having cultivated your creativity, you have made a new friend in the arts. I very actively keep up with the relationships I have built in workshops and courses!

If you’re craving a supportive, friendship-fostering artistic environment, you’re in luck: I’m offering an October workshop that is sure to be a joyful and social course. Titled PAWS: Painting Animals With Spirit, we’ll be painting freely and fearlessly together to create a vibrant final portrait of an animal of your choice. Open to beginners and experienced painters alike, we’ll spend several days painting, smiling, and cheering one another on. Several wonderful, friendly participants are already signed up, and I would love nothing more than for you to join us! Spots are available at

Keep painting fearlessly, with friendship and support in your heart!


Caryl Pomales