Art & Love!

I find painting to be a wonderful expression of love and joy. It gives me the daily opportunity to constantly find love for nature and my surroundings, and appreciate the beauty and marvels of the world and my life. Every painting I work on is a love letter to my subject, as I focus on the special elements that make it unique. Whether it’s an exquisite flower, a stunning nature scape, a cherished pet, or a serene still-life, I find a deeper appreciation and compassion for the item I am painting as I carefully craft a final product, attentive brush stroke by brush stroke. 

A consistent painting practice demands that you always be on the lookout for your next inspiration. For me, that means always approaching the world with positivity and love. When I look outside in the morning, I pay special attention to the colors, the shapes, and the scenes in front of me, focusing on the beauty that we are constantly surrounded by. I enjoy travel and experiencing entirely new parts of the globe for this reason: I am exposed to a broader range of striking scenes than I find on my regular day-to-day basis. There is endless inspiration to be found when you begin from a mindset of gratitude, love, and optimism. 

I craft my paintings with this positivity, and find that gifting these finished products to special people in my life is immensely fulfilling. When hours of time, effort, and focus have been poured into a craft, the amount of care is evident to the recipient. Opening the gift-wrapping and finding a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, unique piece of art always, in my experience, puts a huge smile on the person’s face. From that moment on, when they look at the painting, they’ll see that snapshot of the world in a different, more vibrant way. They will see that snapshot of the world through the appreciative, loving, caring lens of the artist. Gifting a painting not only provides a loved one with a new dynamic decor, but it gives them the gift of perspective. In the case of my paintings, I strive that the perspective provided is one of positivity and wonder!

A consistent piece of feedback I have received from members of my artsy community has been the love and appreciation felt by the recipients of gifted art, particularly original pet portraits. Two loving parents recently commissioned me to paint a portrait of their beloved English bulldog for their son, and they let me know: 

“This meant so much to Jay, as he shares a special bond with his dog Arthur. Arthur’s painting now lives on his desk in his office… Thank you so much for helping me make this Christmas a little extra special!” 

I am so grateful to be able to use art to spread some extra joy, love, and happiness in the world. My painting practice not only gives me the opportunity to look at the world with “rose-colored” glasses, finding constant beauty, but it allows me to bring positivity into other people’s lives. It is a wonderful gift, and I am so grateful!

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