Mental Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning, Daylights Savings, flowers blooming, longer hours of sunshine - all things that come with this upcoming change of seasons. I personally love spring for all of the hope and optimism it brings. Creatures that have been hibernating (sometimes people included!) during the darker and colder winter months come back, ready to enjoy the new season that’s upon us. 

“Spring Cleaning” can take on so many different meanings. In the purely literal sense, it is time to box up the heaviest sweaters, take the chance to tidy, wipe down the windows, and freshen up your space. In a figurative sense, “spring cleaning” is a great opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and hibernating corners of your brain, and mentally bloom alongside the flowers that are blossoming! 

Here are some of my tips and suggestions for decluttering your mental space and making room for a new season’s productivity!

Let go of any negative self-talk telling yourself “I can’t.” 

You are your only limit! There is nothing you “can’t” do, only things you tell yourself you aren’t able to. Use this season to pick a few things you’ve wanted to try but convinced yourself you aren’t good enough for, and replace “I can’t” with “I will.” There is nothing more satisfying than challenging one of your previously held limitations, and proving that wrong! 

Let go of the need to be “right” or “perfect.”

Use the upcoming season as an opportunity to find happiness in your process, your progress, and your journey! Don’t worry about being fully correct, or living up to an unreasonable standard of perfection. It is not only okay to be wrong sometimes, but it is GOOD! Allow yourself the grace to make mistakes, to learn along your path, and to enjoy the journey and not just the outcome. 

Let go of laziness and commit to spending a few additional moments productively every day. 

We spend so much time on our phones, on Facebook, and checking our emails. What if we shifted twenty of those minutes spent on social media towards something else that makes us feel productive, happy, and motivated? Trade 20 minutes of Instagram time for 20 minutes of something that exercises your brain in a different way, and leaves you smiling at the end. 

I know that talking about these types of suggestions and goals in an abstract way can seem a little bit daunting. I want to offer you one more suggestion and resource to make this season as productive and creative as it can possibly be! I’m offering a spring online workshop with lessons starting in April. “Adventures Down Under” is an 8-week course where together, I’ll guide you through the process to complete four finished paintings! With 20+ bite-sized videos for you to follow along with at your own pace, one-on-one consultations (think of these as one-on-one painting classes!), detailed reference materials, bonus content, and more, this course is the perfect opportunity to kick-start your spring in an exciting and motivating way! You can sign up at

Happy spring, everyone! 

Caryl Pomales