Kaylyn's Creativity

My creative assistant, Kaylyn, works with me on many elements of my business. We work together to spread creativity, joy, and art to the members of my community. Kaylyn has recently started painting, and this week, she’s sharing a little bit about her experience as she begins on her own creative journey, & my heart is filled with joy!

Although I have an extensive background in the arts, I typically haven’t consider myself to be an artist. I work in administration, management, and producing of quite a few different creative fields, and when I’m not working with Caryl on her business, I usually am collaborating on theatre projects. I went to school for theatre studies and arts management, and between regional, Broadway, and Off-Broadway theatres, the Tony Awards, and independent production companies, I’ve kept busy managing various elements of production for a variety of shows. It didn’t occur to me until working with Caryl that I could also take part in artistic practices, even while spending time behind the scenes.

So much of the messaging of Caryl’s business and paintings has to do with letting go of self-doubt and fear, and getting in touch with the childlike joy of creating. “Creative curiosity” - or the wide-eyed wonder of looking at the world through a lens of inspiration - is a huge pillar of the Caryl Fine Art community. While working on the re-launch of Expressive Animal Paintings, Bold & Bright, and the free demonstration Making Your Colors Sing, I found myself personalizing some of the instructions Caryl was giving in a way I never had before. I had a personal lightbulb moment - I can be an artist too.

I’m very much a beginner when it comes to painting. The last art class I took was in high school, and until recently, the last time I’d taken a brush to canvas or paper was in a “Paint and Sip” studio with some friends. Something in me was begging for a creative outlet, though, so a few weeks ago, I stopped by a local studio and picked up some art supplies. I knew I needed to get a few basic things - primary colors, brushes, paper - and so I brought a small kit home and set up at my little breakfast nook. I remembered Caryl’s words, to keep the brushstrokes loose, to pay attention to value, to enjoy and play with color, and to pick a subject that makes you happy - and I decided to go ahead and start. I silenced the little voice telling me that I was being silly and that I’m not an artist, and just simply allowed myself to paint. I chose to paint one of my favorite sights: the New York City skyline. As I painted, I found myself in a semi-meditative state. The noise of the day quieted and the stresses of my “to-do” list settled. My brain typically goes a mile a minute; it is often in many places at once, thinking ahead of what I need to get done. This mental pace can lead to high-stress levels in my day-to-day life. In the time I was painting, though, all of this subsided. The noise went away, and it was just me, the mid afternoon sunlight, my paint, and my new work-in-progress.

Some of my new paintings!

Some of my new paintings!

That particular day has launched my painting practice, and I’m motivated to continue with it, not only as a stress-management tool but also as a wonderful, fun activity to incorporate into my routine. I’m embracing the art that goes along with the behind-the-scenes, and I’m enjoying this new motivation and joy!

Caryl Pomales