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Palette Knife Painting at the New Studio for the Visual Arts!

  • The New Studio for the Visual Arts 1615 Cypress Drive, Suite 1 Jupiter, FL 33469 United States (map)

Let’s explore palette knife painting together, letting go of any fear or inhibitions, as we embrace this loose and gestural method for creating an exciting final product. Painting with a palette knife requires you to lay the paints on thick, creating a rich painting full of texture and energy. If you are conservative with your paint, this is a great opportunity to loosen up and release your reservations. Both experienced and beginner painters are welcome. Let’s add the “frosting on the cake” and work on this dynamic technique together!

Knife painting is a dynamic way to add lovely texture to a painting. Picture the process of frosting a cake with a knife: the frosting can be manipulated with the cutlery to overlap, raise or flatten, smooth, and make different interesting patterns and streaks with bold strokes. What a kitchen knife and frosting are to a cake, a painting knife and oil paints are to a canvas! This technique that can be particularly useful in landscape scenes, adding an extra level of composition to grasses, terrains, sky, and bodies of water.  It is an exciting method to express yourself with added gestural texture, allowing you to paint with a looser style than a brush does, and disregard concern with “fussy” details. 

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