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"Animals are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

As all animal owners know, there are few greater joys than seeing your pet’s sweet face every day. Custom pet portraits are a great way to celebrate these beloved friends! I take the responsibility of capturing the personality and essence of each individual pet’s spirit very seriously, and pay very close attention to their eyes and unique expressions. My lighthearted, vibrant, free painting style lends itself to creating bright, joyful portraits that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

I find great inspiration in my own animals. My three sassy cats and two incredibly smart collies are the subjects of many of my works of art. Their portraits, as well as paintings of pets that have since crossed the rainbow bridge, decorate my studio. These bring me great comfort and happiness, and sooth my inner spirit. I strive to use my paintings to do the same for others.

From adorable French Bulldogs....


To magestic horses...


I’ll help you celebrate your sweet pet, capturing them on canvas for the perfect decoration or gift. *All sizes other than 6” x 6” are painted on 3/4” depth wrap-around canvas. The image is painted on the wrap-around areas providing fully finished sides, so no framing is required! Each portrait includes installed hanging wire with hanging hook hardware.

Let’s schedule a consultation to review photographs of your pet, a delivery schedule to fit your needs, and any other elements you’d like highlighted in your special one-of-a-kind portrait! You can reach me at, via Facebook Messenger at, or right here below!

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Customer Testimonial

“This meant so much to Jay, as he shares a special bond with his dog Arthur. Arthur’s painting now lives on his desk in his office and is receiving a lot of recognition! Thank again s so very much in helping me make this Christmas a little extra special for Jay and of course Arthur!” - Wendy & Paul



Commissioned single portrait, price list:

*Petite 6” x 6” Flat $ 250.00

6" x 8" x  3/4"    depth 300.00

8" x 8"  x  3/4"   depth    395.00

8" x 10" x  3/4"  depth    450.00

9" x 12" x  3/4"   depth     525.00

12" x 12" x 3/4"   depth   595.00

All paintings are copyright of Caryl Pomales and are not to be copied or duplicated.