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Welcome to my painting gallery & workshops!

My original paintings are inspired by the amazing beauty found in our surroundings encompassing nature and animals. I paint with a revolution in my heart and a sense of curiosity, passion, and joy. My palette is bright and vibrant in color, and my brushstrokes are bold and distinctive in style. Please join my community!

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Recent blog posts, thoughts, inspirations, tips, & insights! Read on to learn more about my inspirations for my oil paintings, online painting workshops, live painting workshops, and general painting practice!


Inspirational Summer Reads

Whether relaxing on a beach, reclined on an airplane, or in the comfort of your air-conditioning, summertime always feels like the perfect opportunity to pour over a few great novels.

Kaylyn’s Creativity

My creative assistant, Kaylyn, works with me on many elements of my business. Kaylyn has recently started painting, and this week, she’s sharing a little bit about her experience as she begins on her own creative journey!

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Teaching Yourself to Paint

“What would you do if you believed you could not fail?” Would you pick up a paintbrush, and embark on a new passion: painting? Many people want to dive in to this art form, but don’t know where to start.

Shop Original Art

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Learn With Me!

Exercise your creative curiosity and sense of adventure in my sessions and workshops! 

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Are you ready to go on an adventure through Australia and New Zealand, with me as your guide?

This spring, we’ll be exploring the wildlife, naturescapes, florals, and wild and domestic animals found in the most awe-inspiring destinations on the globe.

Save the money on air fare and avoid the hassle of packing a bag - everything you’ll need for this online painting adventure will be within the comfort of your home! All you’ll need are your painting supplies, an adventurous mindset, and an enthusiasm for painting exciting subjects with fellow art enthusiasts like yourself.

Designed for varying levels of experience, the lessons will be rolled out over 8 weeks and you’ll have access for one year! For 12 months, you’ll be able to experience the wonders of the Australian and New Zealand countrysides. Paint at your own pace, and enjoy the beauty, spectacle, and adventure of these amazing destinations in your time!

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Embrace your creative curiosity and paint fearlessly and confidently while focusing on the beloved subjects of animals and pets! I'll be sharing my individual techniques to capture the unique personalities and nuances of animals on canvas in this online painting workshop.

This course will cover:

  • How to choose a strong photograph as your painting subject making adjustments to create a strong composition. 

  • Applying elements and techniques for a dynamic and expressive painting. 

  • Creating a gray value study and matching color to gray value.

  • Utilizing harmonic color schemes for unity, mixing paint colors including painting color formulas.

  • Learning expressive brushwork, exploring the variety of brush sizes and shapes to achieve various effects.

  • Capturing and finishing your painting, keeping the final details in mind.

  • Preserving and varnishing your painting.