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Making Dreams Come True

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I strive to brighten your space with expressionistic paintings of nature and animals. My art is serene, natural, colorful, and vibrant, and will instill a sense of imagination, joy, and placidity in your daily life.

I paint with a revolution in my heart and an attitude of gratitude. I welcome you to join me along a journey of curiosity and fulfillment!


A little bit about me…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a full time artist and painter.

As a young teenager I took up the practice of oil painting.  This is when the magic began! My love of color merged on to canvas in a free and exciting way and I was inspired to continue on with learning more and expanding my creative painting practice. I was hooked! Throughout college I furthered my artistic training and through my adulthood I experienced a diversified career and continued to deepen my knowledge and awareness of self and my connection with the universe through my artistic expression. I never lost sight of my ultimate dream of becoming a full time artist and painter.

“Tui Bird” - From my “Down Under” online painting workshop, inspired by travels to Australia and New Zealand!

“Tui Bird” - From my “Down Under” online painting workshop, inspired by travels to Australia and New Zealand!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel extensively through the years. I’ve traveled around the world and home again many times. These are the memories and experiences that inspire me along my painting journey. Spending precious moments with people of other cultures, getting up close with exotic animals and observing nature in all its amazing colors and glory has helped me to become a more empathetic person as well as a more passionate painter and artist.


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Big Magic

If you haven’t read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic,” I would highly encourage you to do so. A few years ago, I stumbled upon it and it reawakened my creative curiosity. Her words helped me realize how to tackle what I had been longing for: to create art again fearlessly and discard any hesitation to pursue my dreams and fulfill my destiny. Rather than following a leisure path of retirement, I choose to celebrate every day by living a creative life, finding the balance between soulful spirituality and cheerful pragmatism, and I want to share this with you! I’ve rediscovered the importance of uncovering the “jewels” that we share as children and are hidden within us in the process of becoming an adult. I’m embarking on my dream that was long deferred, and I am pursuing it fearlessly by painting every day! I’ve been able to reinvent myself as a professional artist and invite you to join me in reawakening your passions and pursuits through a fearless artistic mindset.


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Practicing Creativity & Joy - as my JOB!

I now spend every day living out my lifelong dream as a professional artist, a passionate painter, and a spreader of joy. Embracing my creative destiny has brought unspeakable happiness and fulfillment to my daily life, and I’m dedicated to using my practice to share this with others. Whether it’s through a colorful painting hanging in your home that brightens your space and brings a smile to your face, or through a workshop that leaves you confident, creatively satisfied, and fulfilled, or through conversation with other artists in all walks of life, I strive to spread creativity and happiness. I am lucky enough to be living my dream and will never take this for granted!


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My Style - Colorful & Joyful

Let me share a little about my painting style with you! I primarily use oils and synthetic polymer (acrylic) paints as my preference. My painting style promotes luscious vivid color with dynamic, loose brushstrokes. I sometimes apply paint to my paintings with a palette knife, creating a dynamic impasto texture for added dimension.  I paint in an impressionistic and/or abstract expressionistic style.  I revel in the freedom of expressing myself  through my paintings keeping  the elements I’ve learned throughout the years, embracing the core pillars of my personal signature style, and applying them with a colorful and expressive approach! 


Compassion & Giving Back

I have great compassion for animals and celebrate their spirit through my paintings and give back to those in need!

In my studio with my sweet collies, whom I love dearly!

In my studio with my sweet collies, whom I love dearly!

I enjoy representing animals with my lighthearted painting style. I create a connection with each animal's spirit and  especially enjoy painting pet portraits with a whimsical expressive painting style with exciting vivid colors.

When you purchase a painting or online workshop, I donate a portion of the proceeds to a worthy cause for the protection of animals in need. As an active member of HeARTs Speak, an international nonprofit organization that is uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals,  it brings me joy to make a donation to them  or another one of my favorite organizations supporting animals in need. 

Together we can make a difference, one brushstroke at a time!

My Advice to You

I look forward to having you join me along this continued creative journey. And if I can offer you any advice:  

Listen to your inner voice, rediscover the child that lives within you, be curious and brave, break a few rules along the way and follow your dreams with a revolution in your heart!


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Credentials, Awards, & Recognitions

I am an active member of Artists’ of Florida-LLC, North County Art Association, Tequesta, FL,  Member of the Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL, The Arts Council of Martin County FL,  The Wellington Art Society, Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park and The Martin County Chapter of the Audubon Society.

I support The Nature Conservancy,  The Collie Rescue Foundation, Grey Muzzle Organization for senior dogs, Feline Caring Fields Organization, and  The Farm Dog Rescue.

Recent Recognitions:

Featured Artist, Artsy Shark 2019
Painting Workshop Instructor, The New School of the Visual Arts, Jupiter, FL
Honorable Mention for  oil painting "Picasso- Le Chat" 39th Annual Members' Show,  Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL.
Solo artist showing Sewall's Point Town Hall , Sewall's Point, FL