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Welcome to my painting gallery & workshops!

My paintings are inspired by the amazing beauty found in our surroundings encompassing nature and animals. I paint with a revolution in my heart and a sense of curiosity, passion, and joy. My palette is bright and vibrant in color, and my brushstrokes are bold and distinctive in style. Please join my community!


In this 5” x 8” spiral-bound calendar, each month is complete with a vibrant original painting and an inspirational quote for $24.95. Get yours today!

Inside the Mind & Spirit of the Artist

Recent blog posts, thoughts, inspirations, tips, & insights!


Reinventing Yourself - At Any Age!

It is truly never too late to follow your dreams. It is much more attainable than most people realize. 


Cultivating Friendships through Creativity

Positivity, kindness, and encouragement foster good work, good art, and oftentimes, the best friendships. 


Fear Kills More Dreams than Failure Ever Will

We have been conditioned to believe that failure is the worst thing that can happen. This ultimately requires a mental reframing: failure is nothing but feedback, and feedback is incredibly valuable. 

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Learn With Me!

Exercise your creative curiosity and sense of adventure in my sessions and workshops! 

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February 2019 in Jupiter, FL

Learn to embrace your creative curiosity and paint fearlessly while focusing on the beloved subjects of animals and pets!
I'll be sharing an exciting method of using oil paints to paint "Alla Prima" (wet on wet). Concentrating on the building blocks of a dynamic painting, you will learn to paint boldly and freely using vibrant, luscious colors.

I look forward to sharing my individual techniques to capture the unique personalities and nuances of animals on canvas. 

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