Adventure is Within Grasp

The word “adventure” means something different to everyone. For some, it may mean picking up a bag, leaving behind everything that’s known and familiar, and traveling to a far-off place. Others may find that it means enrolling in a class to cultivate a new skill or talent. For others still, it may entail leaving behind a previous comfortable career to follow a passion or a dream, disregarding a previous way of doing things and diving headfirst into the unknown, the scary, and the exciting. Inherent in the word “adventure” are two other notable terms: “risk” and “journey.” 

I have embarked on all the above mentioned adventures in my life, and have been fortunate enough to embrace this spirit of risk and journey to experience, to grow, and to find satisfaction. My day-to-day life has been a series of these adventurous experiences, from traveling to learning and expanding my skillsets and ultimately to pursuing my lifelong dream of having a career as a professional artist. Though there has been the occasional fear accompanying the new and unknown, ultimately, each step on this path has been incredibly rewarding, and reaffirmed by belief in living life to the fullest and with a bold sense of creative curiosity.

In the most textbook example of “exploration” and “adventure,” I’ve packed my suitcase, hopped on an airplane, and departed for numerous foreign countries over the years. From Africa to Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the mountains to the desert, and oceans and harbors in between, I’ve embarked on thrilling excursions that have opened my eyes to a variety of different global climates, communities, ecosystems, animals, and cultures. These adventures have exercised my compassion and humanity, as I’ve opened my heart and mind to elements of this world I’d never previously experienced. My creativity has flourished as I’ve embraced the nervous-excitement that comes with departing from a familiar routine and experiencing a new, far-off place. 

Though a change in career path may be within the comfort of my home and in a well-known place, nothing about it is familiar. The adventure and journey that has come with setting out on a new path is similar in many ways to foreign travels: there are some “goodbyes" to be said, some big “welcomes” to be had, an education in a new way of operating on a day-to-day basis, some setbacks and frustrations, many triumphs and thrills, and an ultimate feeling of pride, happiness, and fulfillment. I’ve said “goodbye” to former business associates, and “welcomed” other artists, supporters, students, and art-lovers who have joined my community, learned the ins and outs of dedicating time to painting in the studio, selling work, and launching a workshop series, and braved onward through the bold and adventurous journey to find myself full of inspiration and joy.

Though the word “adventure” may mean something different to everyone, the opportunity to set out on an experience into the unknown ultimately can lead to the greatest joy and the experiences of a lifetime. Whether making a change while still in your own home or embarking on a global adventure, I hope you find your journey and live it with passion!

Caryl Pomales