Why Artists Should Never Stop Taking Classes & Workshops

“I should think I’m going to be a perpetual student.” - Anton Chekhov

Creativity is not a quantifiable skill that can ever be officially mastered. It is a skill and a muscle that you must exercise to maintain, sharpen, and keep limber. Living a creative life is a marathon of continually cultivating curiosity and artistry. A runner does not quit stretching and training after completing a marathon; nor should the painter ever quit expanding his or her skillset. There is much to gain from being a perpetual student of the arts, continually participating in studies, reading, practicing, and taking classes. Amateurs and professional artists alike should continue their painting pursuits in a classroom, and here are just a few reasons why. Additionally, pay attention to the first letter in the following list, as they’re a hint to an exciting announcement for the fall!

Working on your craft. While you may have works displayed in galleries, sold dozens of paintings, or taught your own course, artistry is your athletic pursuit. You’ve completed your “marathon,” and it’s time to stretch and train for your next race!

Opening your mind to a different perspective and technique you may not have experienced, thought about, or mastered. There is always room to learn and adopt new styles, adding to your artistic toolbox. This will, without a doubt, help you create adventurous and dynamic work.

Renewed attentiveness. Sometimes, after being away from a class for a while, the artist can start to lose some of their creative curiosity. A learning environment constantly pushes the artist to grow, experiment, try new things, and look at the world a new way. Returning to a course is a great way to revive that crucial skill, reopening the eyes, heart, and mind. 

Kindness among fellow artists. A workshop or class is an incredible opportunity to meet other painters at all stages in their lives and careers. Having a solid network of fellow artists is incredibly fulfilling, and one of the best places to meet this community is at a workshop!

Striving to further cultivate your artistry by never settling into complacency. Those who pursue the constant betterment of their craft have the most satisfying and inspiring careers.

Heal, relax, sooth, and relieve stress. Classes are, in addition to being productive, wonderfully enjoyable! They are a great place to set an artistic “reset” button and enjoy a creative and supportive learning environment.

Ownership of your talent and skill. Classes remind you both what you know and are remarkably skilled at as well as you can improve upon, and give you the opportunity to work on the latter.

Painting, and doing what you ultimately love, amongst others who feel the same way!

W-O-R-K-S-H-O-P. I’ll be hosting an exciting workshop in October, and encourage any artist of any skill level to attend and reap the benefits of participating in classes mentioned above! More information is available on my “Events” page.

Let’s continue our pursuit of creative curiosity and commit to being perpetual students together. 

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Just one example of perpetually studying my art- here's one of my paintings-in-progress!


Caryl Pomales