Color Trends & Adding Color to YOUR Space!

Sherwin-Willians knows how to use color to make people feel good - so their trends and forecasts are always exciting to keep up with, both as an artist, and someone who loves to create joyful rooms and spaces. Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, and her global team have been working over the course of the past year to expand upon their 2019 color forecast, and cultivate serene and positive palettes and designs for 2020.

Here are the five trends projected for 2020!

Trend # 1 - Alive

“Alive” colors are deep and rich, and can be dark jewel  tones inspired by mindful living, or “vibrantly hued fruits and vegetables.” These can be dark blues, olive greens, rich chestnuts, or vino reds and purples. 

Trend # 2 - Mantra

“Mantra” colors invoke Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian designs with “natural materials, a balanced palette of cool and warm tones.” It is neutral and versatile.   

Trend # 3 - Play

“Play” brings forward bright, bold colors - pops of color through accent walls, pieces of art, or singular furniture items. Aqua, pink, gold and other adventurous colors are a part of this trend.  

Trend # 4 - Haven

“Haven” is a nature-inspired palette with rich and subtle shades that invoke the sea, sand, forest, and sky. The colors can be slightly muted, but feels organic, relaxing, and natural.  

Trend # 5 - Heart

“Heart” - Wadden’s favorite - is “inspired by humanity” and includes silky neutrals that feel fitting for meditation and comfort. She describes it as “a beautiful, warm palette of neutrals and brights.”  

Paying attention to colors in curating your space is so crucial, and can make or break a room! I love playing with color in my personal painting practice, and was incredibly happy when I read the 2020 forecast from Sherwin Williams to see that their trends aligned with what I’ve been working with in my recent Abstract Expressionism collection. Sherwin-Williams’s forecast truly does focus on happiness and serenity, and I do my best to make that a pillar of my work as well! 

I use the change of seasons to evaluate my home. Do I need to do a deep clean? Is it time to move some things around? Should I refresh the look of the rooms? These color trends can be a great way to revitalize your space - whether the change is large or small. The options are endless! From repainting an accent wall or completely changing the color of the full room, to swapping out a few decorative pillows or adding a painting or two, it doesn’t take a significant amount of time or effort to see a big difference. 

Consider these 2020 trends, feel free to shop my painting collections, and take a peek at my Artsy Prints & Home Decor for pillows, canvases, and more! Happy shopping! 

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